It’s difficult not to get sentimental. What started as a conversation on Jaiku for eight months ago, went on becoming hard core fun to build up the bridge between the Nordic startup scenes. Besides from all the great startups I’ve written about, I don’t think there’s been a single party or conference I haven’t attended, making sure that ArcticStartup has been put on everybody’s lips, laptops, RSS readers and Twitter feeds.

ArcticStartup has been a great spare time passion of mine I no longer can afford. I only have high hopes and expectations for the team, thus feeling confident passing on the torch that burns for startups and entrepreneurship.

Since my heart aches for building digital businesses (open for suggestions), I will stay close to the action on the Swedish startup scene here on To make sure you won’t miss any piece of the action I’ve also put together a great Twitter list of Swedish startups.

Naturally I will continue to keep you updated on Twitter on all the juicy stuff on ArcticStartup!

Ville, Antti, Miikka and Karri, you will always stay close to my heart.

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