Finally, the best hack event out there is coming to Stockholm, directed by people from Soundcloud, and Spotify!

When it is as dark and cold as it gets up here we gather for two days of prototyping, coding and hacking around the best thing we know, music.

Dave Haynes of SoundcloudMattias Arrelid of Spotify and Henrik Berggren of are throwing a two day hacking party you don’t want to miss. Hell, I don’t even code, but I’ll be there! Join the music capital of the Nordics and make some cool stuff, maybe with Soundcloud and Spotify APIs. If your company has an API you’d like to showcase, get in touch with Henrik.

What: Music Hackday Stockholm (APIs and Sponsors welcome!)

When: January 30-31, 2010.

Where: Stockholm, Sweden. The venue will be held at web agency Dobermans office in an old brewery on Södermalm.

How: Register now!

What Else: Stay tuned! More details and music to come!

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