This is a presentation I gave at Svenska Dagbladet Developer Conference on December 3rd 2009.

The presentation will be answering questions like:

  • Why do fans matter
  • Who’s “stealing” your audience and ad revenues
  • Why one should be part of social engagement and be distributed across all platforms
  • How to monitor, filter, curate and report content

Remember The Milk List For Digital Publishers 2010

  • Open: No paywalls, more open APIs!
  • Google: No boycott, no noindex
  • Mobile / HTML5: Native (and social) apps for eyeballs w rev. share, browser based apps rule
  • Ads: Growth in Mobile, Video, Social networks, Blog networks
  • Blog Networks Hyperlocal, Niche Content: Get going or get run over by
  • Monitor: User behavior, Buzz, Reputation – Not just traffic
  • Curated Content: Filter user generated content
  • Distributed Content: Be a person, be where your fans are (yes, even social networks), enable all types of sharing
  • Facebook: Strong competitor as an advertising and news platform

Hope you find it useful. Let me know if I can be helpful.