You have to wait until after Christmas, February 4th to be exact, but you can already sign in for an invite!

Headweb is a Swedish DRM-free on demand online movie service, read my earlier in depth coverage

They were also recently chosen as the best Swedish entertainment service online by Internetworld Top 100.


(Peter Alvarsson, COO, and Andreas Vural, Pr & Marketing, Headweb)

Lubricating the world of online movies

Christopher Sacca gave an excellent and inspiring speech (#mustsee) at LeWeb about three dominate trends in 2010: douchebags, porn and lube.

Headweb is a great example of being the lube on the Internet. They work hard to remove the friction between the user and the service, providing benefit and creating better user experience, instead of forcing one to register any unnecessary data or download application prior signing up. They make it really easy to start renting and buying movies online. (Christopher used Posterous as a great example of removing any obstacles to start using a service having 50% monthly growth all year – needless to say, I love Posterous) 

Here’s a comparison of the registration forms of Headwed and the newcomer competitor Voddler. I finally received my beta invite to Voddler last week – unfortunately that was as far as I got with their service. Here’s why:


To watch and rent movies online I don’t see why I have to leave my birthday data, gender or zip code to get started. Lame.


Furthermore, I simply don’t find it ok to agree on the Voddler privacy policy that I can’t read before agreeing on it. There’s no link to the policy, nor can it be found on the website.

I’ll stick with Headweb where I can watch all the movies directly on the browser and choose between 1 900 movies, more to be signed up in a very near future.

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