Bambuser, the Swedish live video streaming service, is considered lucky as it only took them about a week and two submissions to get their iPhone App approved by Apple. In comparison, I heard John Ham, Co-founder and CEO of Ustream, at LeWeb telling how it took them eight months to get pass the Apple’s AppStore gate.

The Bambuser app is free and works on ALL iPhones, even the older models without native video capabilities. You can download it here.

I of course tried it out with my iPhone 3GS via 3G network to say hi to Leo Giertz, the developer of the iPhone App. This is already Leo’s third iPhone app project after Spotify and You will also find him hacking new music stuff at Stockholm Music Hack Day, coming up in January.

Go ahead and broadcast your winter holiday adventures to your friends directly on Facebook and Twitter! In case you don’t feel like sharing with the rest of the world, Bambuser do support private mode. Check under Settings.

Ps. Prefer Android instead of an iPhone? There’s an app for you, too.

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