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That’s at least what over 80 participiants of Music Hack Day Stockholm think!

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The event taking place next weekend (Jan 30-31) is “Sold Out” gathering various nationalities and close to 10 percent female(!) hackers to give life to new ways to enjoy music online. Music discovery, both on the web and on the iPhone, seems to be a hot topic among the projects, and many have also expressed interest in SR’s API (Swedish public service radio), that will be available for the attendees. With the impressive list of attending companies (Spotify (SWE), SoundCloud (SWE), (UK), Echo Nest (USA), Playdar (UK), Sonos (USA) Bandsintown (USA), Rjdj (AUT/UK), Propellerheads (SWE), Bambuser (SWE), Tunerights (SWE), Songkick (UK), Powerfx (SWE), SR (SWE) ), I can hardly wait for the outcome. We all want to keep on increasing the online music sales, don’t we?

Here’s a sneak preview of the Music Hack Day venue. Check out what’s waiting for you, or what you’re missing out 🙂

Be sure to tune in later for more news from the music hacking scene!



Music tech startups: Two great pitching opportunities at Music 4.5

Music 4.5 is an event that brings together the tech geeks and the music geeks, both innovators and creators, with the aim of inspiring a new creative discussion focusing on innovation, revenue and business model opportunities, disruptive technology and social content.”

There will be two business idea pitch opportunities – TechCrunch Pitch! focused on business models directed at potential funders, and Youth Panel focused on the product/service directed at consumers, in particular 16-18 year-olds.

When: 4th March 2010
Where: London, UK
Deadline for pitch entries: Friday 5th of February
How to apply to pitch your idea 
Music 4.5 on Viadeo

Why not apply with your new fresh Music Hack Day idea?

Recommended reading: Why fan funding is the way to go by Steve Mullins, Editorial Director of

Recommended watching: Jason Calacanis interview with John MacFarlane, CEO of Sonos, on This Week in Startups (TWiST)

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