Yes, I downloaded it for Free. And yes, I enjoyed it very much. Then again, I might be biased. Anyone who lists The Larry Sanders Show as one of his/her favorite shows (together with Deadwood and Curb Your Enthusiasm), and knows how to empty a champagne bar, is most likely to get a higher rating from me.

It almost goes without saying, Paul Carr’s book gets more entertaining if you also were into the Internets at the time, have an insight how the media business and the mind of a journalist works, and also are familiar with, or know any of the characters.

Why You Should Read It

Foremost, it’s an entertaining read about the tricky race of raising venture capital, and how super hard it is to kill ones darlings, both in private and in business. It also gives a good picture of the current state of Internet industry in the era and rise of Facebook, and the almighty concept of “social media”.

Few Favorites Of Mine

About great advice:

“Have a fucking brilliant idea – what kind of advice was that to give someone? Have a fucking brilliant idea. Win the fucking lottery. Trip over a fucking cure for cancer and land inside a fucking supermodel.”

About love:

“…spent a couple of hours a week typing ‘sur???ng accident statistics’ into Google.”

About networking dinner parties:

“The beau ide´al is to get a good mix of people, representing different areas of the industry. Too many media types and the topics of conversation tend to focus around whether content or commerce is king and whether advertising or paid subscription is the way forward. Too many tech people and the questions are all centred around whether the latest Facebook or Google feature will make it easier or harder to share data between social network platforms – or whether ‘Ruby on Rails’* is a better platform for web development than some other sodding thing. Too many marketing people and after ten minutes you’re clutching your bread knife ready to kill everyone in the whole room. (Although, to be fair, you do leave with a bigger penis and a foolproof investment in the Democratic Republic of Congo.)”

About getting drunk at networking dinner parties:

“No matter how drunk anyone else gets, they can always feel ever so slightly superior when they wake up in a ditch the next morning without their laptop or their shoes. At least they weren’t as bad as the drunk guy!”

Would you by any chance get curious about any of the characters, Paul has timely put together a Twitter list of the “stars”.

Thanks Paul!

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