Flickr CC: Kyz

I keep referring back to Chris Sacca’s predictions at LeWeb over the three dominate Internet trends in 2010: Douchebags, Porn and Lube.

With data being the ultimate Internet porn, Booli, Swedish real estate search engine service startup, surely knows how to arouse its users.

Booli recently gave us Inspirational Search and a cool augmented reality functionality with Layar, now adding value by releasing Mäklarguiden, real estate agency listing with statistics.

Anyone interested in selling or buying a property or an apartment, can now sort all the Swedish real estate agencies by county, number of objects for sale, average estimate price/square meter price, as well as market share in a certain area. This opens up numerous new opportunities to more advanced vertical search options. It’s fantastic how easily I now can find out, for example, that the two biggest agencies in Stockholm area surprisingly only have 11% each of the market share, or who’s got the lowest estimate prices. The day the search results tell me which agency that offers me the best value for my apartment, as well as finds me the agency with best price in my favorite part of town, I’ll be packing 🙂

Booli has a head start being the only service on the Swedish market to provide this type of statistics. It was also smart to approach some 20 agencies early on for feedback on the service, ending up receiving no objections against the launch. It finally seems like the Swedish real estate agencies are slowly starting to embrace the benefits of transparency, that Booli brings to the industry, instead of constantly trying to sue it.

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