… or how your brand can increase user engagement. This is a repost of my bub.blicio.us coverage of two Swedish startups Jaycut, online video editor, and Pixlr, online image editor, bringing cutting edge video and image editing easily accessible to everyone with a browser and an Internet connection. In the cloud. Easy access, easy sharing, easy collaboration. And yes, in Flash.

Bub.blicio.us: Pimp Your Holiday Videos And Photos Online With JayCut And Pixlr

For my Swedish speaking readers: Check out earlier video interviews with both Jonas Hombert, CEO Jaycut, and Ola Sevandersson, CEO Pixlr, brought to you by Pelle Sten.

Flash vs. HTML5

Speaking of Flash. Since the launch of the iPad and the new iPhone OS 4.0 , the hell has practically broken lose, not only at the Abode headquarters, but in the app developer community as well. It’s coming down to the battle between the open and closed Internet, not just a fight between Adobe and Apple about the future of Flash (Adobe just dropping all further development for the iPhone platform). This of course rings a bell and brings us back to the     battles in the 90’s, of which Robert Scoble reminds us about.

I’m a frequent user of the expression “App is crap” by Mark Suster. He pinpoints why absolute power corrupts, who is benefiting from the app economy, and why we Apple fangirls and  fanboys have become to walk with heavy hearts. Thus, being an advocate of open web standards myself, I’m happy to see HTML5 evolving and gaining both speed, reach and recognition, whether it’s due to, or despite of these “Flash wars”. I’m certainly excited about the work Kaltura is doing with HTML5 in the video space. Flash, enjoying 95% of the market share, isn’t going away any time soon, but I do hope, and predict, to see much fewer future websites and services built entirely in Flash.

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