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In couple of hours the doors will open at Automattic Lounge to let in about 100 people passionate about music and API’s. A look at the workshop schedule and it’s obvious: Here’s where all the cool kids hang this weekend.

Result: According to one of the organizers, Paul Lamere of Echo Nest, we can among all the many hacks expect to see music apps for new kind of devices, such as the iPad, Boxee, and the Android.

I have a feeling that Music Hack Day San Francisco will be summarized as Music Hack Day Stockholm was, quote by David NoëlSoundCloud Evangelist:

“Now eat that, corporate web project managers and social media jumbos!”

Here’s how you tune in online: Twitter, #musichackday, Live stream and coverage

Update: All 32 San Francisco music hacks!

Check out all the previous Music Hack Day results by city!

Amsterdam: 37 Hacks (24-25 April 2010)
Stockholm: 32 Hacks (30-31 Jan 2010)
Boston: 34 Hacks (21-22 Nov 2009)
Amsterdam: Music & Bits Conference (21 Oct 2009)

Berlin: 13 Hacks (18-20 Sep 2009)
London: 40 Hacks (11-12 July 2009)
More reading on Music Hack Day Stockholm and everything related!Happy hacking San Francisco and keep those beers cold!


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