(Alexander Ljung, Co-founder & CEO SoundCloud)

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Swedish music tech startup SoundCloud just signed up its 1 Millionth SoundClouder, a milestone that speaks loud and clear on how music industry can, and is, being disrupted. It’s also a great example how Freemium model works when done right, i.e by creating true added value.

How is one million users achieved in 33 months? I think the question is best answered by listening to Eric Wahlforss, co-founder and CTO of SoundCloud, telling the early days stories about bootstrapping, rooftop parties, bad vc’s – and Finnish designer chairs.

(Startup Day 2010)

Read also what co-founder Alexander Ljung just recently had to say about their startup journey and experiences of the Berlin and German startup scene.

I’d like to add two things why I think SoundCloud is being successful: it keeps its ear close to the ground, i.e. the dancefloor, and the team plays an active role in pushing the music tech startup scene forward as one of founders and organizers of the Music Hack Day unconferences. The most recent one was just held last weekend in San Francisco. Neat services like Citysounds.fm and Listen To Blogs (created on 24 Hour Business Camp) built on the SoundCloud API are few of my favourite results.

No wonder Snoop Dogg finds them special, too 🙂

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