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So, you need to get pass the No? Fred Destin of Atlas Venture, and board member of Seedcamp, gave his speech on Hacking Venture Capital at Mini Seedcamp Berlin, revealing the secrets of pitching and negotiating venture capital investment. In one sentence:

“Why you don’t need a business plan, but to be enjoyable on a 8 hour car ride.”

What it ultimately comes down to is building relationships, i.e. ones social proof, and expanding the social graph, exactly what Seedcamp brings to the table for all participants. The invaluable advice and networking, that raises both the quality of pitches and ideas, as gives everyone the opportunity to shine as a person and as a team, is what makes the intense day and preparations all worth while.

Here are 60 minutes you won’t regret afterwards spending time on!

Hacking Venture Capital – Fred Destin

After 40 min of Hacking Venture Capital, you also need to spend additional 20 min to listen Fred give a very sincere and honest talk at 2009 GeeknRolla, in order to better understand the Nature of Venture Capital, Part 1 and Part 2.

For once more I had the pleasure to join a great team of co-mentors and help out some really good teams. The pitching quality had definitely improved thanks to the Seedcamp team organizing a prior practice session. Wordy was clearly a great example of why practicing is the keyword when it comes to pitching, delivering a great pitch this time. After having seen Wordy both at ArcticEvening Copenhagen and at LeWeb 2009, I could hardly believe I was listening to a same startup!

See all the winners and action here, read more reflections, great thoughts and further advice from Mini Seedcamp Berlin by David Noël of SoundCloud, FxBees and Alexander Gnoyke.

Check out Mini Seedcamp Berlin pictures of the epic back alley barbeque at Betahaus, new co-working space in central Berlin.

Read also my previous recap of Mini Seedcamp Copenhagen including pitch advice and examples.

Hope to see you soon and help make your startup shine!

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