Being a savvy and connected doer who loves to help out, attracts all sorts of requests. Here’re three good rules of thumb on how to get my attention.

Like in many things in life, you get a head start if we already have created a relationship. Creating relationships takes time and effort, i.e. if you don’t bother taking your time and stay in touch, then you probably shouldn’t count on people doing favors for you either.

1. Engage
Tell a story. You have to engage me with your story, so that I can feel engaged. And for heaven’s sake, don’t start by saying “I don’t think XXX is a huge task”. After you’ve got me interested and engaged, ask if, and in what way, I could think of participate or contribute. Make me feel exhilarated, not burdened.

2. Add Value
There’s always a value proposition. That’s what the economy of free is all about, how to package your needs and wishes so that both sides benefit from it. Pure and simple Win-Win. Think about how your business and/or request can add value to those you’re asking for help? What can you offer them in return? You go the extra mile and you’ll find how people go the extra mile for you. Over and over again.

3. Thank You
I pretty much summarized this one in my post Thank Or Die, but I can’t emphasize it enough. Even if you’d be lucky enough to find people who just keep giving out of pure joy, you should never take the help for granted. The world is full of neat Reply, Like and Tweet buttons! Show your love and appreciation.

Foremost, Don’t let your eagerness to fulfil your own needs blind you, and bite you back when relying on other people’s good will.

Remember, I don’t have to care about You. Just like that, I can “Unfollow” and stop caring.

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