As you all might already know, I’m a loyal fangirl of This Week In Startups by Jason Calacanis, whereby I was thrilled when my good friend Annika Lidne, Disruptive Media and Disruptive Code, had the chance to talk with Jason at FOWA, Future of Web Apps, in London. Take ten minutes and Enjoy!

Try Fail More!

In addition to Jason’s always spot on advice to startups, he also gave his view on the European and Nordic entrepreneur and investor scene, finding it a region with a lot of creative, hard working and affluent people, who just somehow don’t seem to work together very well. There’s a need for more young entrepreneurs taking more risks being supported, nurtured and mentored by previous generation of successful entrepreneurs. Try fail more!

I find this pretty much true. Determined by just out of the negative response I received from describing the state Nordic angel investment scene in general, the issue seems very loaded and sensitive.

Jason’s Advice to Startups

  • Work hard and take risks.
  • Pick a very good growing market to go into. Most successful entrepreneurs build great products in great markets.
  • If you want to change the world you have to be dedicated. You’ll be up against the best, most hard working and great entrepreneurs in the world.
  • Being famous web entrepreneur means nothing! “Most famous web entrepreneurs are less famous than the least famous celebrity” or as we TWiST fans say: “Don’t get high on your own supply”.

Original Flickr Photo CC: Zpeckler
Included in my Prezi presentation: Top Ten Advice To Make Your Startup Succeed

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