One of the great moments in life is when you meet talented people and sweet music occurs. Lately there’s been a lot of great music thanks to Seedcamp, where I’ve been fortunate to meet and connect with so many extraordinary and talented people. One of them is Marc Lewis, The Dean at School Of Communication Arts 2.0 (SCA2).

I’m humbled and honored to have been invited by Marc to join as mentor at SCA2, and to be part of the mission to change the way creativity is being taught. Or as one of the students puts it: “A different way of being creative”.

Founded first in 1985 by late John Gillard, the school has now been reopened in an old church in Vauxhall, London, after 15 years by Marc Lewis, Richard Adams, the Principal of the SCA2, sponsors, and a pool of 300 industry professionals as mentors.

The School About Feeling, Empathy And People’s Responses

According to John Gillard himself, he founded the School Of Communication Arts to be about feeling, empathy, and people’s responses. At SCA2 students are encouraged to develop their own understanding of how to learn, think and process ideas, but more than anything, they’re encouraged to think for themselves.

School of Communication Arts 2.0 is a social enterprise operating as not-for-profit, sponsored by advertising agencies and media owners, and receives no public funding. The money goes to funding student startups and scholarships to encourage diversity. It’s also the first accredited qualification ever written by industry professionals using open source Wiki tools and the Curriculum Wiki is shared with every arts university. The mentors have already contributed more than 6 000 edits to the online Curriculum Wiki.


The first 21 students in the 18 month program just launched their new ad agency called BUSK (sorry to have missed the opening!), and will be working on live briefs from top agencies and real clients, who are asked simply to pay what they think the work is worth.

Why This Is Important

Good ideas and creativity walk hand in hand, and to nurture creativity there’s a need for a space where different ideas from different backgrounds can merge and “have sex”, like the 1650’s chaotic London coffee houses Steven Johnson talks and writes about. Or programs such as Seedcamp, that brings together all various kinds of backgrounds and expertise.

Fred Wilson raises a highly relevant question on what part engineering and creativity are to play in the era of digital technology revolution, now disrupting industry by industry, and how to best merge them to create successful businesses.

Therefore, as a practising techie with a flavor of creativity, I’m excited to be contributing and helping to bridge these two disciplines. Whenever visiting London, you’ll find me hanging out in the classroom, the church that is, sharing my knowledge from digital media and technologies, as inhaling tons of creative ideas back to the tech geek world. Would you also like to contribute as a mentor, click here 🙂

SCA2 is accepting enquiries for January 2011, Apply now!