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The number of Smarties boxes in the candy jar equals the number of Seedcamp 2010 winners, EDITD being one of them. This year Seedcamp is to further accelerate its pace, and so should your startup. With a strengthened team, and the first closing of its second fund, Seedcamp is starting to invest in businesses throughout the year, going for a global talent hunt it got a sweet tooth for during its visits to JohannesburgSingapore, and Mumbai.

Inspired by Babak Nivi’s and Naval Ravikant’s excellent AngelList, Seedcamp also released in December, a resource to connect European entrepreneurs and local seed investors looking to find each other. If you’re an active investor, make sure you get listed!

Seedcamp London Coming Up 25th of January

Last year over 200 startups got access to a pool of world-class mentor network, fast lane to seed and venture capital and visibility for their startups. In addition, Seedcamp is also a great practice how not to become the most successfully Lame Startup in Europe, the ones Mike Butcher, editor of TechCrunch Europe, has seen too many of.

Would you not be familiar with Seedcamp yet, or how the application criteria works, click through the FAQ to see what Seedcamp can offer your startup, and most importantly, how much funding for what stake your startup can receive. Still doubting to submit your application and become part of the Seedcamp network? Hear what the teams themselves have to say.

Filling up the Seedcamp candy jar begins already in three weeks with Seedcamp London coming up on the 25th of January. Deadline for applications 12th of January!

2011 Events Calendar

10 events across the world are scheduled in addition to Seedcamp Week in London in September. For the Nordic and Baltic startups, Seedcamp has a tradition to visit the Nordics during May, so also this year, following up great events in Copenhagen, Denmark, last year, and in Helsingborg, Sweden, 2009.

  • Seedcamp London – 25th January (Investment Interviews on 27th of January)
  • Mini Seedcamp Tel Aviv – 16th February
  • Mini Seedcamp Berlin – Mid April
  • Nordics (Mini Seedcamp) – Early May
  • Seedcamp New York – Mid June
  • Southern Europe/Africa (Mini Seedcamp) – Mid July
  • Asia (Mini Seedcamp) – Early August
  • Seedcamp Week 2011 – Mid September
  • Central/Eastern Europe (Mini Seedcamp) – End of October
  • Mini Seedcamp Paris – Early November
  • Balkans (Mini Seedcamp) – Early December

“I Don’t Care About What You Think, I Care About What My Teams Think”

As we mentors give feedback on the teams after mentoring sessions, we also get our verdict. After three great Mini Seedcampsthe Seedcamp Week, 42 mentoring sessions with 35 awesome teams, 9 of them 2010 winners, I couldn’t have been happier to hear, that the feeling has been mutual:

“Paula clearly loves this event and she seemed to have actually put effort into researching us before she arrived.”

“We know Paula for some time and she was always helpful and a good mentor.”

“That was really impressive. Paula is very energetic.”

Thank You all for having me and made my 2010 so much fun!

And remember: “When you’re ready to quit, you’re closer than you think”. (Bob Parsons, CEO & Founder, Go Daddy). Keep executing.

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One of the Europe’s finest startups? Make sure you get on The Telegraph Tech Start-Up 100 list. Apply before 23rd January!

Spending time in, or thinking of moving to London? Besides from Seedcamp, you should check out TechHub, the best co-working space for tech startups with new Startups@TechHub programme! Deadline applications 21st January.

More reading on Seedcamp.

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