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I just received this very personal, short clip I had totally forgotten the existence of. It was taken of me unpacking the iPhone 3GS back in da days. The reason I decided to share this with you was not the somewhat comical moment of me nearly breaking the phone before it had seen its daylight, but because:

The purest kind of excitement and affection is impossible to hide.

This is true whether it’s people, services, or products one comes across with. I always look for that purest kind of excitement and affection when people talk about their own product, or service, and the lack of it gives away more than a thousand words. That brings us back to the harsh reality:

If you’re not excited about your product or service, why should I be? If you don’t believe in its greatness and success, why should anyone else?

So, whenever you see this expression and smile on my face, you know you have managed to excite me and win me over. (In Swedish, but words are really not necessary)

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Update: Being Likeable, Trustworthy With Great Product Or Cause

I kept nodding through this entire fantastic and entertaining interview with Guy Kawasaki by Brian Solis, on why it is that Apple stands the ultimate test of enchantment, i.e. how much weakness one is to tolerate from a brand. In my case, I was deliriously happy with my very first iPhone with dropped calls for a year, making it impossible to make proper calls when I was at home. Let’s just say there was very little understanding for me from my family and network when I kept refusing to switch to a phone they could actually reach me at…

Moreover, learn why your company must be enchanting to survive in the new marketing landscape with equalization of influence, where swarm of people love things and create movements instead of brands having to suck up to A-list people who used to be the ones telling to consumers what to think, buy and use.

REVOLUTION with Brian Solis: Guy Kawasaki

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