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I’ll be heading to Ljubljana for my ninth(!) Seedcamp, eighth as mentor, to meet the brightest and the hottest startups from the region, not just for the lovely view above (thanks Jakob for the picture!). I’m also all set to check out how Barcamps are run in Ljubljana, and if Prezis are accepted, which I’ve heard they are, I’ll be throwing in 20 minutes on Social PR for Startups. I’ve also confirmed that my travelling friend Mike Butcher from TechCrunch Europe will be in town to see how you’re all doing.

Four home teams among the 20 selected ones from in total 11 countries are all gearing up to wow us, Fred Destin is to wow us with his brand new Prezi during his Masterclass, taking us through a company’s whole lifecycle from creation to launch to scale, and the Mayor of Ljubljana himself is ready to wow us with drinks at the City Hall.

Ljubljana is also a home of my two favourite startups whose name starts with the letter V, namely Vox.io and Visionect 🙂 My lovely hosts at Vox.io, changing the world of telephony, have promised me a surprise on top of all the VIP perks, and I’m super excited to finally place an order on Visionect’s “Geoffrey”, today looking even more handsome.

Flickr CC Steve.Wilde

There’re still plenty of sleepless hours before the show starts, what better than to recap pitching advice to make your story shine, and watch Fred’s previous presentation from Seedcamp Berlin last year.

Any questions on angel investing, launch and go-to-market strategies, or how to make your product more social, just head my way!  Would you wonder about Nordic e-commerce startups scene – that’s just fine, too 🙂

Those who know me well, know that I’m especially keen to find out if the rumors on the regions splendid wines are true.

Ljubljana, I’m ready to get wowed by you.

Flickr CC: Brian Solis..

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