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[Startups! All #LeWeb Founder, Fundraising, Pitching, and Conference Hustle Tips In One Place]

You know it’s not just another Internet conference when you have Mr. Fashion himself, The Karl Lagerfeld, opening up for the 72 hours non stop Geraldine and Loic Le Meur LeWeb extravaganza. The program this year is so packed with the latest goodies in SoLoMo it makes it almost hard to breathe.

I’m so glad
Dennis Crowley of Foursquare is back, now with 15 Million members strong, Daniel Ek, Co-Founder & CEO of Spotify will share few facts on the music industry, and I really look forward having Shervin Pishevar of Menlo Ventures coming over and talk to Sean Parker, General Partner, Founders Fund, who just raised another $625M fund.

Don’t miss Phil Libin CEO of Evernote, an awesome entrepreneur story, and one of the great companies in Sequoia portfolio.

Since you need to stay on top of social media metrics and trends, you can’t miss Jeremiah Owyang, of Altimeter Group deliver “State of Social Business” And did I mention I’m super excited to hear what Ben Parr has to say.

LeWeb – The Ultimate Exercise In Networking With No Excuses

You know the D-day is getting closer when the “xx likes you” mails keep hitting your Inbox. For every year the Team LeWeb is walking the extra mile to make it easier to meet. So even this year. There’s no need to sigh and dig into the plus 3 000 attendee list, just hit over to Presdo Match, and and start booking! It’s what you make out of it, so make sure to make the most of it.

Is your startup looking to meet early stage investors, even less excuse: I’ve laid up the ground work for you. Here are few you’d like to meet:

Startup Competition – The Sixteen Ones from Iceland is the only startup representing Nordics and Baltics on the 16 startups strong competition, but you’ll have a chance to “get your hands on” few more from the region during the three days:
Finland: Zeighed, Wantlet,
Sweden: Spotify, Reamill, Burt, Tripbirds46 Elks
Denmark: Podio, Evertale, Influads

It’s All About Storytelling – How To Crush It On Stage

LeWeb is all about connecting people and sharing success stories – now is your time to shine.

Stay calm and tell a story; Great piece of advice by Waze, one of the last year’s winners who just raised $55M in total in funding. I’ve also put together pitch advice and superb example of how another one of last year’s winners Super Marmite crushed it on stage.

LeWeb – Study In Hustle

It’s really hard to be an entrepreneur if you don’t know how to hustle. Big conferences are the perfect occasion to show your skills. “Adopt an entrepreneur” was a new initiative by Silicon Valley Bank and Lepe Partners to pay LeWeb tickets for 20 entrepreneurs. Watch one of my favourite submission by Gabriel Hubert of Teleportd, Realtime Photo search engine and Seedcamp company, hustle his way to LeWeb. “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Alexander Ljung of SoundCloud On Why LeWeb Matters

Be consistent. Be resilient. Be brilliant.

It took Alexander three years to land the main stage at LeWeb.
Year one: Meet 25 VCs in two days, amongst them current investor Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures.
Year two: Hustle the conference demoing SoundCloud’s then new Record button capturing industry voices.
This year Alexander will take the main stage on Friday 10th and talk about the journey of SoundCloud. Don’t miss!

If You Still Can’t Make Your Sorry Ass Over

Thanks to Ustream, there will be 3 (!) different live streams reporting every second of the action. When not hanging on the live stream, you’ll find the latest buzz on social photo sharing apps Instagram, EyeEm and Teleportd.

Did I Mention Hustle?

Did I Mention Tell A Story?

Did I Mention Be A Person, And Be Amazing?

Good. See You In Paris!

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