“Paula’s early critical advice after our initial launch changed the way we continued to build FundedByMe. I still thank her every time I meet her.”

Daniel Daboczy, Co-founder and CEO FundedByMe, Nordics’ largest equity crowdfunding platform

Have an idea, a product about to see its daylight, or a product ready to grow?

Welcome to Pick My Brain! And not just any brain, but a curious, human brain of a senior female technology professional.

How Pick My Brain! Works

  • Early Advice. Fresh Eyes. No Bias. No BS.
  • Fixed price of €100, $100, SEK1000 (excl. VAT)
  • I take an overall look at your product from both a customer experience and an investor point of view to address major pain points. My feedback will help in your process of validating and reaching product/market fit.
  • You can define up to three pain points you’ve identified yourself. E.g.: Is our product offering clear, i.e. does the product communicate its vision? Does our chatbot make sense? How’s the customer sign-up? Customer journey? Call to actions? Built-in virality? Privacy settings and terms? Messaging? Content marketing? Distributions channels?
  • Initial feedback does Not include strategy work. Let me know below if you’d like to work with me on your product, marketing, go-to-market, and / or funding strategy.
  • I confirm your request incl. payment details. I will disclose at an unlikely event of conflict of interest.
  • You receive written feedback. Online demo and feedback session is an option (UTC+2)
  • Confidential. Naturally.

Gender Wage Gap Adjusted For Female Founders and Co-founders

  • Women on average earn 83% of what men earn, why ladies get 17% discount of first Pick My Brain! feedback 💃

Special Bonus For Male Founders

  • Get a female point of view of your product or service. Don’t make the same mistake and build airbags that were never designed to protect women. Instead of risking DOA, make sure that female customers, decisions makers, and investors get the best first impression.
  • Improve your communication skills with female tech professionals. Again, great first impressions 😍
  • Network of great female talent. If we hit it off, I’d be happy to refer you. Only kickass teams build kickass products.

And now, let’s talk about you.