Bloglovin’ is one of my favourite startup teams and Ville from ArcticStartup has written a good read of their journey so far. 

Here’s what makes Bloglovin’, to my opinion, a good example on how to build online services

Enabling users
To solve a real life problem by creating a service so simple one doesn’t even have to know the difference between a browser and a search engine is a challenge. Instead of developing a cool tech solution that first caught up the eyes and hearts of the geek world, they went straight to the source to find the solution, real users with real problems.

Real life experience: I never forget when trying to introduce Google Reader to a friend of mine who loves to read blogs. I literally saw all the energy escaping her body while explaining how it works. I showed her Bloglovin’ instead and she got so excited she called up her friends and they all signed up. I still use Google Reader 🙂

Metrics and user driven development
Even if it doesn’t have to be that costly to experiment with new features, it’s still a waste of time if you can avoid it, that is.
Like Jeff Bezos tells you to obsess over your customers and Eric Ries advices you to not to create stuff nobody wants to use anyway, Bloglovin’ is focusing on the metrics to determine what features users really like, at the same time keeping up a dialogue with them.

Some things take longer time – It only took me half a year to convince the guys to get stickers, but when they finally arrived, they sure went gaga over them.

Ps. Looking for great stickers? I recommend in Malmö, Sweden (Swedish site but give them a call, they’re very helpful)

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