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Visionect – Slovenian Dishwashable Low Energy Wireless Tablet That Makes You Go WOW

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Welcoming MobileMonday Stockholm! #MoMo

MobileMonday Stockholm

Stockholm – Sweden

MobileMonday is a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influentials – now also to be found in Stockholm!

MobileMonday Stockholm kicks off January 11 2010 by inviting startups to participate in the draft session for Mobile Premier Awards 2010 in Barcelona.

The format is simple and the draft is open for all startups in the Internet/Mobile space, the selection being made by the participating audience.

To apply to participate in the Stockholm draft session (5 min. pitch and 3 min. Q/A per company), register your company first at NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 31.

See you on Monday January 11 at Squace 5.30 Pm!

UPDATE – List of the pitching startups

MobileMonday Stockholm event sponsors: Squace, Media Provider, Sweden Mobile Association and Wyatt Media


Event report by ArcticStartup of the Stockholm Mobile Monday won by MoSync.

List of all 48 semi-finalists selected for Mobile Premier Awards

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