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I recently had the pleasure of being invited to Poznan, Poland, to speak about Nordic e-commerce startups scene at E-nnovation, an e-commerce conference covering the latest e-commerce trends such as social shopping, group buying and location. With over 550 participants from Eastern and Central Europe, and impressive speaker list, the two-day conference turned into a perfect mix of e-commerce and startup topics.

With great startup speaker lineup consisting of Petteri Koponen of Lifeline Ventures,
Tom Keller, CEO of TechStars, Nikolaj Nyholm of SunStone Capital, Jon Bradford, MD of Difference Engine, and Alex Barrera, founder of Inkzee, I’m convinced the audience also got the ideal shock introduction treatment to startups and early stage seed funding!

Below my presentation (Not Just) Nordic E-commerce Startup Scene

Not Just Nordic E-commerce Startups

Since as all good things are meant to be spread, besides from highlighting Nordic startups, I couldn’t help myself featuring a few cool Seedcamp teams, such as EDITD, Profitero, Garmz, Tigerlily, PageDo and Subsify as well. And I didn’t stop there – I threw in some interesting Baltic startups such as and Scarfmaker, fashion startup Fashiolista from Netherlands, topping with Shoefitr, a cool startup all the way from Pittsburgh, US, and winner of the second ThisWeekIn Startups Global Meetup award for best pitch and product.

The trending topics social e-commerce and social shopping were greatly covered by Jose A. del Moral of Alianzo and Nikos Anagnostou, and last, but not the least, we all got to witness Mike Butcher, Editor of TechCrunch Europe, impressively running around the stage, while at the same time explaining European group buying and social commerce trends. One of those not-to-miss moments.

An e-commerce startups competition also took place with six finalists chosen out of 150(!) applicants. I participated in the jury voting Romanian social shopping startup Squeeqly as the winner. Polish Zubibu, platform to launch a mobile shop within minutes on iPhone and iPad, got the audience vote. Congratulations to the winners!

Special thanks to Chris Kowalczyk and the team of PROIDEA for a great time and hospitality in Poznan!

Advice: If you’re interested in doing business or finding startups in Poland, Central or Eastern Europe, Chris Kowalczyk should be your first stop.

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Nordic E-commerce Startup Trends

The common trend in the Nordic e-commerce startups scene seems to be in align with the rest of the e-commerce startups scene, i.e. focusing on offering easy solutions: easy shopping, easy payments, and easy decision making, both regarding the consumer web and B2B solutions.The Nordics are yet to fully tap into social commerce, well explained by Loic LeMeur, as they are to exploring the lucrative clones on business models of group buying and private, invite only shopping. The Nordic and the Baltic startups seem to have a strong preference towards personalized, hyperlocal and eco friendly shopping, i.e. the conscious commerce. The Nordics also provide payment and platform solutions, Klarna being its brightest shining star. Despite Nordics having a long history within mobile development, I’m still waiting to see startups innovating more in the mobile e-commerce space, especially within B2C e-commerce.

E-Commerce Strategy Tips And Tricks

Updated version of my E-nnovation speech I gave at MindClub in Vaasa, Finland,  Februari 2011, including more tips and tricks for e-commerce startups.

I’ve since also been receiving more tips on Nordic startups in the e-commerce space since my presentation, here are two of them:

A Question Of, Conscious Apparel (Denmark)

“A wicked cool Danish fashion startup” according to Tine Thygesen, A Question Of is a social responsible T-shirt brand producing fair trade organic fashion t-shirts in Tanzanian factories, using organic Tanzanian cotton including free worldwide shipping.

Releware (Sweden)

Releware is a multi-channel behavioral targeting platform for e-commerce and advertising, also offering recommendation engine as one of its first solutions to online shops. The recommendation engine has been out of beta since January and been implemented on over 60 Swedish online stores.

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