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The Impact of Social Web on Product Development is a speech I gave at the EDGE Conference held by Netlight, web consultancy bureau, on September 4th 2010. The speaker list also included two of my favourite Swedish startupsNeo4J and Spotify. Emil Eifrem, Co-founder and CEO of Neo4J, talked about NoSql and challenges with exponential data, as Mattias Arrelid, Product Manager, and Oskar Stål, CTO, of Spotify talked about how Spotify is working with scaling the service.

All Products And Services Want To Be Social

The world population, of which almost 2 out of 7 Billion are currently using the Internetcreates every two days as much information as it did up to 2003. Among Internet users, women rule in e-commerce and social media, and one in four is connected via social network Facebook. This has a huge impact on how we will develop any kind of online services and products, not only services and products aimed for social networking.

As all products and services want to be social, when moving from the document-centric to people-centric (real-time) web (recommended reading by Jyri Engeström and Chris Messina), it’s important to identify key influencing factors to best reflect the human social behaviour when developing technical platforms and user functionality. This includes everything from choice of platform and data storage, platform interoperability, authentication, user privacy, location as content sharing options.

The presentation includes use case on how the wonderful online presentation and digital storytelling tool Prezi can become more social, based on my previous post on – How to make storytelling with Prezi even more social. I choce Prezi, since even as a cloud based product, it’s comparable to desktop presentation tools such as Powerpoint and Keynote, where core function lies in creating and editing a presentation. It’s not a social product, but even creating a presentation is now becoming, as required, to be social.

Hope you find it interesting and let me know how you experience the impact of social web effecting the way you build products and services online.

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