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UPDATE: We made it! Morris Motorcycles qualified to TTXGP Final/UEM 2010 World Series Final (24 Oct 2010 Albacete, Spain) and FINISHED 6th!

YOU CAN JOIN US 2011! There are 500 more Morris Motorcycles shares á 1 000 SEK to invest in.

I’m a proud shareholder of Morris Motorcycles Racing Team 2010, the world’s first crowdfunded and crowdsourced racing team.

What is Morris Motorcycles Racing Team 2010
Morris Motorcycles Racing Team 2010, founded by Morris Packer, is to compete in TTXGP UK Championships, the world’s first zero carbon, clean emission grand prix for electric motorcycles. Its long term goal is to become a dealer of high end electric superbikes, such as Mission MotorsMission One, in the Nordics. (Hear people behind Mission Motors, including people behind Tesla Motors.)

The team has already over 100 crowdsourced ownerships, as has signed “The Rally Princess” Annie Seel as the first driver. Annie, “Nobody remembers a coward”, “Rather broken foot than quit a race”, who has concurred several Dakar Rallies, is now taking on MMRT1, Mavizen TTX02, electric superbike with open source Linux as core operating system. She’s already familiar with “Green Ride”, holding Superfinale Champion for women in Eco Enduro 2009 in Copenhagen.

Why I Am Doing This
– I love Win-Win, being part of and able to contribute to better business.
As many of you know, I’m a long time fan of Formula One racing. Motorsports is a huge industry, as it’s a great passion and lifestyle for many. Instead of trying to put constraints on that passion, we can all help it to become a “healthier” passion.
– Most of all, I love honest and good people. To quote Warren Buffet:

“Look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.”

Morris Packer, CEO and Team Leader of Morris Motorcycles, scores three out of three. Morris’ big love and addiction is his “Catja”Triumph Sprint ST, BCX835. To be able to continue his addiction, he is committed to make a difference by raising awareness and pave way for greener and more sustainable alternatives.


How You Can Be Part of Morris Motorcycles
1. Become a team member and/or shareholder
2. Become official sponsor: SEK 50 000
– Morris Motorcycles offers you, your colleagues, customers and partners an exciting and groundbreaking talk “From Twitter to World Championships” on how to use social media to become Sweden’s first TTXGP team, delivered by Morris Packer himself, internationally recognized speaker in the field of online media and mobile. Sponsorship is included in the price.
3. Become official micro sponsor: SEK 1 500
– Besides from a gorgeous diploma, company logo and link to your site, as your company logo on the team pit stall sign, you get to say things like: “We are investing in the future of motorsport”, “We are proud sponsors of Morris Motorcycles Racing Team 2010”, “Our logo is in the pits at Brands Hatch ” or “We are competing in TTXGP”.

The first TTXGP UK Championships race is in 48 days. We need You. Be part of a better, sustainable future!

Follow Morris Motorcycles
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Twitter: @morris_mc 

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