Mini Seedcamp London held in late July was the last opportunity for European startups to get chosen to this year’s Seedcamp Week taking place in two weeks in London.

I summarized the day of 21 talented teams with five female founders, and once again great co-mentors, in 140 characters:

“If 3 worst addictions are: heroin, carbohydrates and monthly salary* then 3 best are: talented, passionate, and generous people #seedcamp”.

*Tommy Ahlers quoting Nassim N Taleb at TechCrunch Nordic Copenhagen. Thanks Andreas Kwiatkowski for noting the original quote source.

In an excellent panel discussion with three VCs turned into entrepreneurs, led by Saul Klein, Max Niederhofer, founder of qwerly, prev. principal, now EIR at Atlas Venture, nailed the core message of the discussion and the entire day: 

Be careful who you take money from.

Follow your passion and build something great.

Being a venture capitalist is more about psychology and judging people and characters, than about calculating the expected ROI.

The rest of the panel with Avid Larizadeh, co-founder and COO of Boticca, prev. Accel Partners, and Greg Marsh, co-founder and CEO of onefinestay, prev. Index Ventures, also agreed on how hard it is to raise money, even if you’re a former venture capitalist. Investors essentially invest in the team, why one should build social proof, i.e. leverage ones network to build relationships with the investors. The entire discussion was captured on video by Manoj Ranaweera of TechceleratePart 1, Part 2.

Andrew Warner of Mixergy did shortly after a great interview with Reshma Sohoni, CEO Seedcamp, where, besides her talking about the heart and soul of the Seedcamp program, and the learnings from sprouting startups in Europe, she also highly emphasized how the main focus always lies on the founding team. Watch it.

Seedcamp Heading East, Singapore Next – Join The Team!

Seedcamp has just finished Mini Seedcamp Johannesburg, its very first South African event, having gathered 11 bright and promising teams in the area. On 5th October it’s time to move the European boundaries even further east with Mini Seedcamp Singapore. If you’re aspiring team with great idea and reasonable flying distance to Singapore, don’t wait another minute to apply! And, if you love London and startups as much as you hate boredom, check out these job openings at Seedcamp!

What makes You happy?

More good reading on Seedcamp by Fred Wilson and some good post London event advice to the teams by Adam Paulisick. Check out my Mini Seedcamp London team pictures and catch up on my previous Seedcamp reports.

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